We help people navigate today’s hi-tech world.

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days.

Our cars, TVs, and phones and homes talk back to us. And we can talk to them. It feels like everything is connected to everything else.

But it’s not.

Most of us still can’t get easy, simple access to the information we need in the way we need it. For many of us, technology can be fun and wonderful and frustrating and annoying at the same time. For businesses, choosing the right technology and implementing it can mean the difference between happy customers and employees, and an expensive mistake that can set your business back for years.

We help small business find and integrate the right technology for the job. More than that, our goal is to make sure that using technology is a good experience for customers, employees, and anyone who interacts with your company.

We help individuals and families integrate the myriad technology available into their homes and lives to enhance their experience.

We aren’t looking for a quick sale or a one-time visit. We are looking for creative partnerships that last. We want to understand your business and your needs. Our customers become our friends.

Our Customers

Personal & Professional Technology

We provide a range of technical support, from one-on- one setup and training at a private home, to designing, installing and maintaining entire office networks. With the advent of mobile devices and interconnectivity, we keep busy helping clients stay connected and up-to- date with all of their home and work devices.


We can help you match what you want to accomplish with the best device for the job, and we can help you find the best price. We don’t sell hardware, but we do a lot of shopping.

Support & Maintenance

We develop a long-term relationship and understanding of you and your technology needs, so that we can plan ahead for necessary maintenance and keep things running smoothly.

Upgrades & Enhancements

We can help you decide when it’s time to fix, upgrade or replace your devices depending on what your specific needs or desires dictate.

Migrations & Conversions

We can help you switch hardware, transfer data and services and plan for the future so migrations and conversions can be done more easily next time.


You need all your devices to integrate or synchronize so you have everything you need where you need it. Whatever you need to connect, we can help.

Custom FileMaker Database Applications

We’ve designed and updated more than 80 custom databases, helping customers organize and get easy access to the data they need wherever they are and on whatever device they need it. We are members of the FileMaker Business Alliance.


We help you evaluate your needs for both managing the data you have, and automating time-consuming processes. Whether you want a full design and build or plan a do-it-yourself project, we’re happy to provide whatever level of support you need.

Integrations, Upgrades & Enhancements

You need to connect your database to a shipping service or an accounting program or a mobile device? Integration with other software or devices is where a custom database shines.

Design & Development

You know your business, but we know how to design a database to do what you want. That means we will work closely with you and your staff to learn all we can about what you do and how you do it, so we can make the best recommendations for your system.

Support & Maintenance

We provide all levels of support, from simple phone calls to training, software upgrades, backups, and server management.  Whatever comes up, we can help or find the help you need.

Contact Us

Personal & Professional Technology

Doug Banks (505) 321-8090

Custom FIleMaker Applications

Karen Weaver (505) 269-7855

P. O. Box 1464
Sandia Park, NM 87047