About Us

We are a two-person company, providing personalized technical support for users of Apple™ products and custom database solutions for small and medium-size businesses for more than 30 years.

Doug Banks got excited about the first Macintosh™ in 1984. He created his first custom database with FileMaker Pro™ in 1987, a contact tracking system to set appointments for sales people. In 1991, he started providing professional support services to people configuring and using Macintosh.

Since then, he’s provided a range of technical support, from one-on-one setup and training at a private home, to designing, installing and maintaining entire office networks. With the advent of mobile devices and interconnectivity, he keeps busy helping clients stay connected and up-to- date with all of their home and work devices.

Karen Weaver started designing custom databases full-time in 1999, after several years of creating and using her own systems at work and home. Since then, she’s designed and updated more than 80 custom databases, helping customers organize and get easy access to the data they need wherever they are and on whatever device they need it. She’s a FileMaker Certified Developer and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

We established Desert Dog Technology together in 2006 with a goal to provide very personal service directly to our customers.