Custom FileMaker Database Applications


Are you wondering if you need a custom database or if FileMaker is the right solution for you? Or you have an old system that a former employee built and you’re not sure if you can update it or change it to meet your needs? What the heck is FileMaker, anyway? What are all these licensing options? Is my data secure? Did I buy the wrong thing?

We help you evaluate your needs for both managing the data you have, and automating time-consuming processes. Then we can look at your existing systems to see if they can be modified or integrated to do more. If FileMaker is the right answer, we help you purchase the licenses and plan your project. If it isn’t, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Some of our clients want to design and build their own databases, but they need help with some of the more advanced features. We’re happy to provide whatever level of support you need.

Design & Development

Many of our customers know they need something to help them manage their data, but they don’t know, or aren’t sure, what a database can really do. They have piles of spreadsheets and forms, but they can’t share the data and changes made in one place don’t always get updated in another place. They are spending hours compiling information from multiple locations to get a critical report. They can imagine what they want, but they don’t know how to get there.

You know your business, but we know how to design a database to do what you want. Designing a database with Desert Dog Technology is a creative partnership. You are helping to design your own software! As the expert in your business, there are a lot of details that you just know, without thinking about them, or sometimes without even being aware that you know them. The design and development process involves getting that information out of your head and into a system that can do some of the work for you.

That means we will work closely with you and your staff to learn all we can about what you do and how you do it, so we can make the best recommendations for your system. All those old spreadsheets can usually be migrated into the new database, so you won’t have to do all that work over, and your older data is accessible in the new system.

Integration, Upgrades & Enhancements

You need to connect your database to a shipping service or an accounting program or a mobile device? Integration with other software or devices is where a custom database shines.

Many customers choose to start with a standard desktop database, for office use only, and then later look for ways to extend it’s reach. Maybe the initial design worked great for your 5-person office, but now you have 20 people, and you need it to do more. Or maybe you just want to add features, like mobile access or a way for customers to access account information on the web.

Your custom database can grow with you. You decide when to add features, and you add only the features you want and can use.

Support & Maintenance

Employee training, phone support, software upgrades, backups, and server management are some of the kinds of support and maintenance we provide. It might be a phone call to ask how to do a complex search, or a need to add a field and corresponding reporting to track some new data point. You had a power outage and need to check the server and data, or maybe restore a backup.

Whatever comes up, we can help or find the help you need.